How To Buy A House, Even With Bad Credit History


This is Donna’s story, told in her very own words, about how she and husband, Shannon, overcame their fear of rejection, to apply for our Aussie Dream Home Ownership Program.

How To Buy A House

Donna, Shannon, Felicity, Charlotte & Dean-Aaron

Even though Shannon had a bad credit history, read as Donna explains How To Buy A House without needing a bank loan, right now.

Belinda and Marc, these are 2 names which ring joy throughout our household.

My partner had a credit rating which was not so good, therefore we had resigned ourselves to thinking that we would not be able to buy a house until I had finished University and began my career as a teacher.

One day, a bright orange flyer arrived in our mail box. I rang Shannon and mentioned it to him when he came home and we talked about the prospect of buying a house. We were not very optimistic. I ended up convincing him that if we just made the phone call, the worst we could hear was the word ‘NO’ which we were used to anyway, so we wouldn’t be any worse off then we were already. . . and so begins history.

Belinda and I finally got in contact with one another (after many missed phone calls on both sides). I told her our situation and she immediately emailed us all of the documentation we needed to start our journey.

Belinda found a house for us, then it fell through. After a few weeks of not hearing anything Shannon and I decided to try for another baby. We weren’t buying a house so we could afford this to happen. Finally we fell pregnant and 2 weeks later we got that wonderful phone call.

Belinda called and told us she had the perfect house. Even after I told her that we were having another baby, she said that would not change anything (I thought it may have finances wise, as now we would have 3 dependants instead of 2).

How To Buy A House

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We organised a time to see the house and finally meet those wonderful people who were going to fulfil our dreams.

We met at the new house where Belinda gave us the grand tour and seemed as excited about all of this happening, as we were.

The house was perfect and even room for our upcoming new addition.

Belinda referred us to a solicitor which clients had worked with in the past, and we were on our way.

I thought buying a house would be stressful, hidden fees, and had heard about complications with paperwork. But with us, it was a breeze.

We saw the solicitor in one week and she went through the contract with us, letting us know all of the negatives that could happen and a week later we went back to sign them.

Upfront, Belinda let us know about the application fee, the deposit (which was so little compared to the 10% banks were asking) and she even let us know a ball park figure for the solicitor’s fees.

One month later, after the cooling off period, we started to move in. This was the most easy and stress-free thing I have ever done, with no surprises. Meeting Belinda and Marc again, a few months after we moved in, was fantastic. We really felt like these guys cared about us, our new home, new life (new baby by now as well, Belinda even took our first family photo with the 5 of us).

I would like to say thank you so much Belinda and Marc. You come highly recommended in our books and we let everyone know what wonderful people you are because you literally made our dreams come true.

Donna, Shannon, Felicity, Charlotte & Dean-Aaron.

If you would like to know more about how Donna & Shannon made dream of home ownership a reality through our Home Ownership Program, please Contact Us or call the team on 0499 171 507 for more information.

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